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GLENGCO works in the areas of food production, arboriculture, agricultural biotechnology, and biofuels. In other words, we have projects that address food and medical needs. We strive to develop solutions that meet the very specific requirements of international organizations such as the World Bank, which establish the parameters for investment in this field.
The company has become capable of marketing crops certified in accordance with international standards, particularly the Protected Geographical Indication of the African Intellectual Property Organization (AIPO), recognized by the European Union. The company can now proudly claim to hold several hundred tons of superior quality Penja white pepper (G1).
Penja White Pepper By GLENGCO
This is pepper grown in Cameroon, mainly in the Littoral Region where the town of Penja is located, home to nearly 40,000 inhabitants. This exceptional pepper is entirely produced by human hands, without any mechanization.

Additionally, no specific treatment is applied during the drying process, which is carried out entirely through artisanal methods. It derives its distinctive aroma from the local terroir, of volcanic origin. True pepper enthusiasts especially appreciate Penja pepper for its unique character, its earthy and powerful flavor; many consider it the best pepper on the planet!
  1. Recognition of Penja Pepper
    It was in 2013 that Penja pepper gained international recognition for its incredible qualities, obtaining the first P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) attributed to a product originating from sub-Saharan Africa. This P.G.I. was secured with the valuable assistance of the African Intellectual Property Organization (AIPO) and the French Development Agency (AFD).
  2. The benefits of Penja White Pepper
    Penja white pepper is an excellent antioxidant with properties that aid digestion.
  3. The production of PENJA White Pepper
    The different stages of production for this pepper are manual. They include harvesting, retting, cleaning, drying, and finally sorting. Unlike other colors of pepper, white pepper is harvested at optimum ripeness. It is then washed and vigorously dried to remove its envelope (pericarp).
    This feature gives it its pungent flavor.
  4. The Internal Control System
    Control is conducted by a team of engineers employed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, trained by Ecocert. Ecocert is a French company created in 1991, serving as a certification body and using its name as a certification mark, particularly for organic agriculture.
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